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    Guangzhou Paper Group, the biggest newsprint producer in South China with more than 70 years of history, is primarily engaged in making newsprint. The company has been ranked the world’s top 150 paper manufacturers for three years in a row. In recent years, seizing the opportunities presented by the “replacement of secondary industries by tertiary industries” policy, the company accelerated its industrial upgrading process and built a large-scale eco-friendly papermaking base in Nansha. The construction of its No. 9 unit with an annual output of 400,000 tons of newsprint was completed at its Nansha Base and commenced production in 2007.

    Since 2009, Guangzhou Paper Group has seized the prime opportunities presented by the “replacement of secondary industries by tertiary industries” policy, by accelerating environmental relocation and actively introducing strategic investors, thereby becoming a large-scale papermaking company of prime productivity, energy efficiency, environmental friendliness and financial health, with newsprint as its principal product, supplemented by wrapping paper, cultural paper and so on.

    In 2012, Guangzhou Paper successfully completed its environmental relocation. Meanwhile, seizing the beneficial opportunities arising from persistent high price of newsprint and the initial completion of its environmental relocation, with a resolute effort in improving management, the Company successfully returned to the black. In terms of its operating indicators, return on equity reached 8.28%, 1.38% higher than the outstanding industrial level; and revenues per capita reached 2 million RMB per annum, doubling the industrial benchmark.